Value betting – Beginner’s Guide

Value betting is a relatively new concept based on the assumption that some teams are bookies overrated or underrated vice versa. Among fans and opponents of this concept leads to lengthy debate, however long-term results speak for themselves – betting value in the long run it works. If you proceed in this way only in the short term, it is possible that only bookies pour into the pockets of your hard earned money, but in the long term value is the key to success.

Basic information about Value Betting

To understand the concept of value betting, you must first understand how it works in general betting market. Probably the best example in this case the coin toss. We all know that when a coin toss, catch can throw in two ways – either fall heads or tails. The probability of each outcome is thus 50%. If a 50% probability to convert courses, we get a decimal rate of 2.00. That is a fair rate. If you toss a coin 100 times, theoretically should 50x and 50x fall virgin eagle. In the real world, although it will always be variations, which will reduce the growing number of throws, but either way, after a large number of throws you end up practically to zero.

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Imagine two guys who bet over the amount of $ 50 for a match. One of them loses $50 get the other $100? No. If that were so, sportsbook would bet that no profit and you certainly know that every entrepreneur is targeting a profit (which is in the sports betting sector is relatively high, which explains the large number of emerging sázkovek).

Bookmaker you thereby the coin toss will offer a course should be 1.90. In such a situation, one player has lost $ 50 and the other would win $ 95, so sázkovce the remaining profit (commission) $ 5 from each bet. Now, imagine that a coin toss must 100x. Your total investment will be $ 5,000 and expect to win 50 times. However, instead they ended up at zero, due to the lower rate you end up in the red.

Maybe now catching behind your head and say that you never bet. Such an approach, however, is erroneous, because sometimes sázkovky mistake, and you can use it. In addition, we are in the article Betting Strategies – I 55% success earns you a lot of money talked about that earn betting is not so difficult – unless you meet all the relevant conditions and you will be betting approach seriously.

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